Let’s turn Harris County so Blue in 2020 that we flip the whole State of Texas!

Our motto: Don’t just vote…volunteer!

Join us! Our mission is to:

  • Flip State House Districts (HD) 134 and 138
  • Turnout Infrequent Voters in HD 146
  • Hold Congressional District TX-7, HD 132, and HD 135

We need your help to be successful and the stakes couldn’t be higher. From our successful efforts in 2018 alongside local and state campaigns, including Lizzie Fletcher, we learned important lessons we can leverage to expand our efforts for 2020.

We will provide training, strategy, and tactics…and we’ll have fun along the way! Bring your friends!

Through our volunteer efforts, we will work “smart” together to elect Democrats in the Houston area by registering new voters, increasing voter turnout, and educating constituents about races up and down the ballot.

Find out more about how Texas plays a critical role in the national Swing Left Super States Strategy at https://swingleft.org/p/texas